Critical Care Comics is dedicated to bringing joy to the faces of kids in hospitals. Delivering comic books and helping kids escape the pain, trauma of the situation. If only for only 28 pages.



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    Costume cause


    COSTUMES for a CAUSE! Purchase one of Viva Wonder Woman’s custom-made POISON IVY costumes and she will donate ALL THE PROCEEDS to Critical Care Comics,a non-profit organization that takes comic books to children in hospitals and shelters (www.criticalcarecomics.org)! THE COSTUME WILL BE MADE CUSTOM TO YOUR MEASUREMENTS and if you got to Facebook and SHARE this POST, you will get 20% off of your purchase total!!!! For details, more pictures or to purchase…

    Please message  Viva Wonder Woman at www.facebook.com/vivawonderwoman!

    You can see more of my work by visiting  www.vivawonderwoman.com



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    VADERVIPERFLYERcompVADERVIPERFLYERcomp935197_306379719487074_11853451_n (2)Local children’s charity delivers Sci-Fi thrills in exotic sports car

    March 11, 2014

    Phoenix, AZ –Don’t be surprised this month if you happen to see Darth Vader in a Viper driving around the city’s roadways.  Local children’s charity, Critical Care Comics, has announced the details of their spring donation event.  The 501(c)3 (pending) organization delivers donated comics to children in hospitals throughout Arizona and Nevada.  Their upcoming donation event will be held on Saturday, March 22nd and will include a Dodge Viper sports car with the Star Wars villain inside, taking a tour of the entire valley collecting donated comic books.  The “Vader in a Viper” campaign will take the crew through Goodyear, Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale and Surprise along with neighboring areas, stopping by residences, businesses and comic book retailers.

    “We are excited, not only to get to visit with kids and let them take photos with Vader and the car,” says Joe “ZEFF” Hyde, Director of Critical Care Comics AZ, “but we also are hoping to make some connections with people who have family members in medical facilities that we can arrange to visit.  Gathering comic books is only part of the mission.”

    Anyone wanting to be added to the list of stops simply needs to contact CCC at www.facebook.com/CriticalCareComics or email zeff@criticalcarecomics.org .  A five (5) comic minimum donation is requested and Vader will make a quick stop.  Individuals can also visit the facebook page for a list of comic book stores in their area where the group will be stopping during the day.


    About Critical Care Comics

    Critical Care Comics is a charity group founded in 2012 by Jason Golden, a Phoenix native who had spent his teenage years hospitalized with Leukemia.  Recently relocated to Las Vegas and now in his 30’s, he decided it was time to “give back” and organized a group to collect comic books from enthusiasts and deliver them to children in hospitals.  Their focus is to “help kids escape the pain and trauma of their situation… if only for 28 pages”.  An added benefit is cultivating the next generation of comic book fans.  They have been able to distribute thousands of comics to multiple facilities and participate in various events throughout Arizona and Nevada.

    www.facebook.com/CriticalCareComics   www.criticalcarecomics.org



    For more information about this event or general details about the charity, please contact

    Joe “Zeff” Hyde,  Director, Critical Care Comics AZ

    Goodyear, AZ



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    First off we want to Thank, UMC Children’s Hospital of Nevada for letting us come every month! I’m not sure they know how much this affects us, probably more than the kids :)

    For our first visit of the year we had a few  superheroes with us: Wonder Woman, Spiderman, and Batman, too!  Thank you guys! It really makes the kids day to see you. We met a few awesome kids today: Lil Ashley, Lincoln, Hunter and many, many more!!! Here are a few pictures so you can see what we do and how we impact someone’s day…. Even for only 28 pages!


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    First off Happy New Year! I hope you had a nice holiday season and the New Year is treating you well. I wanted to thank you as well as other members of your team for your time and dedication at our annual Burn Survivor Christmas party. The kids had a blast and Critical Care Comics and the Superhero’s were by far the biggest hit of the day. This year’s party was by far the most successful we have had and I credit you and Critical Care Comics for making that happen. I wish you all the best for 2014 and look forward to working with you again in the future.


    Kimberly Grettum, MS, CCLS

    Certified Child Life Specialist

    University Medical Center- Burn Care


(702) 900-3987

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